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It’s time to dim the lights, grab your popcorn and switch off your phone as Kirkcaldy could soon see a new community cinema

The Kings Live Lounge on the town’s Esplanade has launched a new crowdfunder campaign to bring cinema back to the town for the first time in nearly a quarter of a century.

Chairman of the Kings’ board of trustees, John Murray, says Kirkcaldy has been without a cinema for far too long.

“We felt that the time for a community cinema in Kirkcaldy was overdue,” he said.

“We know that there is a demand from the public for one – it’s November 2000 since we last had a cinema in town – so we’ve decided to take the matter into our own hands, with the help of the local community.

“We would like to launch a community cinema which will cover all ages and tastes, run by our trustees and volunteers. From kids’ movies to art house films to all time classics or even films with a local content.”


To make this happen The Kings is hoping to raise £5000 which will go towards the equipment required to show films to the public including the projector, the audio, the screen and the cinema licences.

John said: “We would show films both in the afternoon and evenings and will be aiming towards also showing films that have just been in the big multiplexes.

“But we will also be reaching out and asking the local community what sort of films they would like us to show.”

The Live Lounge is part of the overall Kings Theatre restoration project which for the time being has been put on hold.

“After the pandemic we carried out a full assessment of the old ABC building and for the moment it’s been mothballed,” John says.

“It needs a multi-million-pound investment and despite our best efforts we haven’t been able to secure that.

“So, for the time, being we’re turning our focus to the Live Lounge on the Esplanade.”

John says there are a number of exciting projects lined up, with artists taking up residence on the building’s first floor, more live music, cabaret and comedy across 2023 and the building itself undergoing restoration work, playing a crucial role in the redevelopment of Kirkcaldy’s Waterfront.

But firstly, he hopes all eyes locally will soon be turning to the silver screen.

“Ultimately, this cinema is for the community,” he said.

“After the huge success of our panto at Christmas we talked about launching a cinema with an intimate feel for the town.

“Now it’s time to make that dream a reality.”

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